The Legend of Zelda Wedding Ring Collection

zelda 3

In theory, wedding rings are forever. You’ll be looking at the same design day after day and decade after decade so you’d better like it. Given the length of time you have to stare at it, going the non-traditional route seems like a fine choice. If you and your spouse happen to love Legend of Zelda, these rings were made for you. Takayas Custom Jewelry (the genius behind the Batman engagement ring) has a whole Zelda-inspired collection. The designs feature yellow and white gold and diamonds with the Hylian shield carefully worked in. They are geeky and gorgeous.

You’ll have to contact them for the price though; get a large pile of rupees ready!

See more pics of the gorgeous pieces after the break.

Zelda 1

zelda 2

Zelda 3

(Takayas via WGW)