BATMAN FAN BOOK “Dicionario Do Morcego” or “Dictionary of The Bat”

One of the things I love about doing the Bat-Blog is getting to meet other Batman Fans from all over the world. Like, I recently met a very nice guy named Silvio Ribas who lives in Brazil. He’s a major Batman Collector & he has a blog that shares what it is like to be a Batman Fan in his country. It’s pretty cool! He also wrote a book in 2005 titled “Dicionario Do Morcego”, which means “Dictionary of The Bat” in Portuguese. Hopefully he will send me a Review Copy, then I can give you more information about it. Now, unfortunately, I can’t read the Portuguese language but I still like to visit Silvio’s website every now & then because it does have some cool pictures & with translation software I can sort-of read it. Here’s a LINK to check it out.