New BATMAN HOT WHEELS Vehicles & Batmobile Cars For 2010!!

For the last year or so I have been totally & completely loving the incredible 1:50 Scale Die-Cast Batman Vehicles & Batmobiles that Mattel has been coming out with. Here are some photos from the Official Hot Wheels Collector website of a few cars to keep an eye out for in 2010. The 1st photo is probably the weirdest one, but it’s also a Classic Car that many Bat-Fans are gonna really love. It’s the “Penguinmobile” from the 1966 TV Show! The next one, of course, is the Batcycle from the 1997 movie. In fact, all the rest shown are from various Batman movies. The 3rd one is the famous Bat-Missile from 1992’s “Batman Returns”. The 4th one is the “Cocoon Batmobile” from 1989. The 5th Car is from 1997’s “Batman & Robin” & then there is the one from “Batman Forever”. The last pic shows the Bat-Boat!!