Fans Go Bat-Crazy Over Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman Movie!

Ya’ know, a lot of younger Batman Fans today totally forget ( or don’t even know about ) how people back in 1989 went totally bat-crazy over Tim Burton’s 1st Batman movie! I mean, it was almost equal to the craziness stirred-up by the 1977 Star Wars movie. People dressed-up like the characters, there were lines of people that went around the block, people camped-out for tickets for days, some theaters even dropped another movie so they could show “Batman” on more than one screen…it was crazy! Well, here’s a funny vintage newspaper story I found on a website called “Fantastic Flashbacks”. It shows a few Batman Movie Fans wearing THE JOKER make-up & costumes ( Jack Nicholson version ) at an opening in California. Now I plan to feature some more of this kind of news coverage from the past so if any readers have something similar then please let me know. In the mean time, if you’re interested in visiting the “Fantastic Flashbacks” blog then do so by clicking HERE!