Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets Sequel Comic


It’s an interesting idea, but it’s the only one that makes any sense for there to be a Super Mario Bros. sequel; comic writers Steven Applebaum and Ryan Hoss are releasing a follow up to the video game adaptation that started this horrible trend that we are still experiencing today.

The writers are teaming up with Parker Bennett, one of the members of the original writing staff of the movie, to release the comic online (see it here). The site plans to release at least a page each week, until the 10, 10 paged chapters are completed, with these chapters logically following up on the events of the film, which you may remember ends with the indication of a sequel. In fact, there is even a planned 2nd comic to follow the completion of this one, turning the Super Mario Bros. series into a trilogy.

Parker has admitted that the sequel hook was an homage to the ending of the original Back To The Future, and, in the same way, was not a serious indication of a potential sequel. If the film was successful enough to merit one, they would have gone from there.

Well, we all know the movie wasn’t anywhere close to getting a sequel in the form of film, but maybe this is a more appropriate approach. And while they do have the input of Bennett, the pair does plan on making their own story, using the writer’s ideas more so as guides.

We did heavily discuss the world of the film, from its backstory to the character’s motivations. Parker also provided a general direction for what he would have wanted to happen to these characters and what consequences from the first film would become major themes of the sequel. At that point he sort of ‘passed the torch’ to us, although he does occasionally provide additional direction.

So, it looks like they will be firmly at the reigns of this sequel, with minor influence. It’s not like this sequel comic could be much worse than the original, but it’s refreshing to see that such an enthused tandem will be channeling there passion for this series, which has, like many things that suck, gained a following.

Super Mario Bros. provided a look into a world too rich and too original to not explore again. We knew that the original had its fans and felt that if we brought the Mario Bros. back to Dinohattan there would be an audience for that story. As this year is the film’s 20th anniversary there was no better time.

Let’s all just be happy that the fans that want a sequel are getting one, while the rest of us don’t have to bear witness to another train wreck that is a video game-movie adaptation.