BAT-INK: Check Out These Cool BATMAN & JOKER Tattoos!

On Facebook the other day I met a guy named Jonathan who has a couple of Bat-Tattoos that I knew a lot of Batman Fans would really like. He has one on each leg & they’re both pretty cool! One is Batman & the other one is the Prince of Crime himself, the Joker! I wanna thank Jonathan for allowing me to post these & if any other Readers have some bat-ink to share then please send us some photos. Also, while I’m on the subject, I want to invite all Bat-Blog Fans who are on Facebook to please send us a friend request there or be sure to tell your other friends there about the Bat-Blog. You can view our Facebook page by clicking the link down below ( We also have a permanent link on the right-side of this blog ).

CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight and Joker!

Tommy Brookshire | Create Your Badge