Most Bat-Blog Readers are very creative, intelligent, artistic people & some others are complete idiots, ha ha! But this post is about one of the creative ones! Here’s some pics sent in by our friend Joey who, Halloween 2009, made a Scarecrow Costume…an incredibly AWESOME Scarecrow Costume! He took his inspiration from the character that appeared in the new BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM Video Game. For people who have not played this game yet, & don’t know what he looks like, I added a photo ( last one ) showing him. I reason I did that was because you have to see how amazing this costume really is! It’s just totally great & a very good likeness. Well done Joey & thank for sending the photos. Now, I know Halloween is over & we’re gonna be winding down our coverage, but a lot of people didn’t get dressed-up until the actual night so we might get a few more pics. The holiday here has been pretty fun this year & I want to thank everybody who got involved. All of the “Costume Photos” this year have been totally insane, every single one of them. We even got a few pics of some homemade Batman Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkins that were cool too. Anyways, I appreciate it a lot & hope everybody has had a Safe & Happy Halloween this year!