Original BATMAN COMIC BOOK ART by The UK’s Clint Langley.

Here are some photos sent in by our good friend Guenter. He recently went to a comic convention in Essen , Germany called “Comic Action”. While there he was able to pick up a few pieces of Batman Original Artwork by the British Comic Book Artist Clint Langley. The 1st one shown here is, of course, BANE the evil super-villain. It’s great! The picture also shows the actual artist. Now, the 2nd photo is a piece he did with both Batman & The Joker! As a bonus, because the artwork is so cool, I took the photo & made it a Desktop Wallpaper you can use as a background. Please let me know what you think of it. I wanna thank Guenter for sharing these pics with us. He has a great collection of art like this & I always love to see it. If any other Bat-Blog Fans get a chance to meet their favorite comic book artists then please be sure to share some stories too, thanks!

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