1989 BATMAN MOVIE JEWELRY Reference Guide!

Awhile back, I got an e-mail from a guy who told me all about how he made some Batman Jewelry back in the late 1980’s. Actually, the stuff came out during the 1989 Batman Movie craze! His company made many different versions of Batman-Themed Rings, Pendants, Pins, Buttons, Badges, Earrings, etc… They were all either Batman or Joker related & were the actual characters or their respective logos ( like the Bat-Symbol or Comic Book Logo ). Shown here are 2 Advertising Pamphlets featuring the work. Oh man, they’re all so cool! The funny thing is I think I have one set of those Bat-Symbol Earrings, I’ll have to dig those up later! Anyway, I wanna thank him for sharing these great pics. This stuff is an amazing piece of Vintage Bat-History! ( Readers, be sure to click on the above photos for larger, more detailed, pics ).