TWO-FACE Vinyl Model Kit From The BATMAN FOREVER 1995 Movie ( Tommy Lee Jones Version )

For awhile now we have been featuring some awesome Batman Vinyl Model Kits made by our good friend known as SKINNYBIRD. He sent us some nice pics of his personal collection of models he has built & painted. Every now & then we feature one and the cool thing is that they’re always very popular. Now, here’s the one he did of TWO-FACE from the BATMAN FOREVER movie ( 1995 ). Of course he was played by Tommy Lee Jones. OK, to be honest, this is one of my least liked Batman films. It was really really bad & practically ruined the franchise. But I don’t want that to take away from the fact that Skinnybird did an incredible job on this model kit. Just check it out, the paint job is extremely well done & I like the custom base he made too. If you look at TWO-FACE’s Double-Sided Jacket it a ton of detail to it, with the animal print patterns, that must have taken forever to paint ( Get it? “forever”, Sorry, bad joke ). Before I go I wanna say three things: 1. I wanna thank Skinnybird for sharing his pics with us, all the models are great & I love sharing them. 2. OK, I know that some people just totally love this movie. It might have been their 1st introduction to the Batman Universe & I totally respect that. So, please just take my comments about this being a crappy film with a grain of salt. It’s actually worth viewing as a part of Bat-History. Also, if you go into with a certain attitude, it’s really not that bad & can be kind of enjoyable. 3. If you would like to see more of Skinnybird’s work then just click on the word “skinnybird” in the Labels Area down below. Also, look for more kits in the future.