FAMILY GUY Does Hilarious Parody of SUPER FRIENDS Cartoon

In a recent episode of FAMILY GUY, in the beginning of the show, they do an amazing parody of intro to the 1970’s classic animated series SUPER FRIENDS. Peter Griffin is Superman, Lois is Wonder Woman, Chris is Aquaman, and Batman & Robin are played by Brian The Dog & Stewie. The animation looks just like the old TV show & the sounds effects are exactly the same. Now, because the Bat-Blog is “all about Batman & Robin”, I’m just showing a few screen shots of them. But if ya wanna watch the whole episode, for free, then check out the video on HULU by clicking HERE! One last thing, I know HULU doesn’t work in certain countries & I apologize for that but I bet you’ll be able to find it on MySpace Video or YouTube.