High School Students Create Some Amazing Batman-Themed Costumes!

Our friend Lauren sent us a new photo showing some of her friends from High School who all got together & dressed-up as Batman characters. But I don’t think it was anything for Halloween. She said something about how they did it for a Dark Knight themed photo album. Well, Lauren, your new mission is to get a hold of THAT photo album!! But all kidding aside these costumes are really totally super-great, every single one of them!! The character list is large & includes: The Riddler, The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, & of course the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin! My 2 top favorite costumes have to be the Penguin & Poison Ivy. You just don’t see those 2 characters a lot. Plus, “Penguin accessories” are hard to find. Like, where do you buy a Monocle, Top Hat, & Cigarette Holder nowadays? Ha Ha! Thank you Lauren for sharing this wonderful photo & please be sure to tell all your friends what a great job they did at putting these Batman-themed costumes together…WOW!