Al Bigley’s Classic Batman Comic Book Cover Recreation ©1976

We have a good friend here named Al Bigley who is a freelance graphic artist who works in comic books & advertising. He has a blog where he shares stuff he likes: Retro Toys, The Monkees, 1970’s Marvel Comics, & DC Comics Art. Well, lately, he’s been showcasing some comic book artwork he did when he was a very small child back in 1976. The stuff is pretty funny! I really like “Children’s Art” so it’s kinda neat to see, & actually, it’s not too bad. Here’s an example: This is Bigley’s Cover Recreation of Batman #251. This is a very classic comic book with Neal Adams artwork & a famous Joker story. So, this project was pretty ambitious. Personally I think he did a great job on it. Now, I want to invite any & all Bat-Blog Readers who have some Batman related art to share to please send some. It can be stuff you did as a little kid or it can be current serious work, anything! Also, if you’re curious about Al Bigley’s artwork then be sure to check out his blog today by clicking HERE!