JEFF is ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER! Vintage Family Photos

The other day I posted a photo of myself ( maybe age 4 or 5? ) wearing a Vintage Batman & Robin T-Shirt. So, sort of in response to that, a Bat-Blog Reader named JEFF sent us these 2 photos to share of himself wearing a Robin, The Boy Wonder, costume! Now obviously it’s the “1966 Batman TV Show” version. We’re talking “Burt Ward” action here folks! His Mother made this for him & I always think that homemade costumes are usually better than store bought ones. They usually have more attention to detail & another reason I like them more is because they’re made out of love, aaaahhhh. Now, this one is really great!! It’s got the mask, the cape, & the top part even has a collar attached…Jeff, please tell your Mom she did a super-great job on this! Plus, I seriously love these old vintage photos like this. They are totally priceless, thank you Jeff. One last thing that’s pretty interesting too is that Jeff still has this costume today! Yes, wow, he says that when his 2 year old gets a little bigger then he can wear it too. Now, that’s a wonderful story.