Baby Desmond ( The Littlest Bat-Fan ) Models new DC Superhero & Batman T-Shirts From Target!

You might remember awhile back we featured an adorable photo of a super-cute baby boy named Desmond, wearing a special Batman Toddler T-Shirt. Well, he’s growing-up like crazy & here’s a more recent photo. Look at him, he is sooooo CUTE! Plus, I love the great smile on his face too. I guess being a Batman Fan makes him happy, ha ha! His parents, Seth and Melissa, wrote this wonderful letter with their e-mail:

“Just wanted to share the great new Baby T-Shirts that we just found at Target. They finally came out with Batman shirts!!! Desmond , now 4 months old, was featured on the Bat-Blog in May in his only Batman shirt…but now he has two more and Daddy couldn’t be more proud! So Desmond ( the Littlest Bat Fan ) wanted to model this fall’s Baby Batman Line from Target 🙂 Thanks for the Bat-Blog…We all luv it!!!”

Wow! Thanks Guys. Desmond is getting way bigger & I seriously love these pics, thank you. Also, thanks for all the kind words about this blog, I appreciate that. Please keep us updated to how Desmond is doing. Now, Y’all HAVE to get him a Bat-Cape to go with his outfit, ha ha!