Steve’s Amazing BATMOBILE CAR COLLECTION ( Corgi & Hot Wheels )

I recently got an e-mail from a Bat-Blog Reader named Steve who wanted to share photos of his Batman Corgi Car & Mattel Hot Wheels Batmobile Collection. Oh man, now this special group of cars is pretty impressive and this Custom Display Case he had made is GREAT! It has a mirrored back, plus the bat-symbol logo & “Batmobile name” are shown on the top ( They are laser-cut mirrored acrylic stick-ons he found on ebay ). I wanna thank Steve for the wonderful pics, the cars are very cool displayed like this …thank you! Now, here’s a list of the cars in case some people wanna know:

From left to right & top to bottom: 1939 Corgi, 1940 Corgi, 1944 Corgi, 1950 Corgi 1964 Corgi, 1966 Hot Wheels, 1967 Corgi, 1968 Corgi 1968 Kurt Adler, 1970 Corgi, 1973 Hot Wheels, 1978 Corgi 1989 Hot Wheels, 1989 Corgi, 1992 Hot Wheels, 1993 Corgi 1996 Hallmark, 1997 Cake Topper, 2002 Corgi, 2003 Corgi, 2003 Hot Wheels 2004 Corgi, 2005 Hot Wheels, 2005 Corgi, 2005 Hot Wheels, 2039 Burger King