1966 TV Series BATCYCLE & SIDECAR 1:12 Scale Hot Wheels In Stores Now!

Our good friend, & ace reporter, “Batmobile Billy” just sent us a picture from his trip to the local Toys-R-Us Store & guess what he saw?! YES! The 1966 TV Series BATCYCLE AND SIDECAR 1:12 Scale Hot Wheels Car, Actually “Motorcycle” ( ha ha ), by Mattel was spotted & the retail price is around $40.00. Not too bad, for something so extremely beautiful! The 2nd photo shows the small 1:50 Scale vehicle next to it. Thank you Billy & great job on the photos, they’re crisp, sharp, clear, & pretty! This is a Batman Toy that I am gonna HAVE to buy later…it’s wonderful beyond words! In fact, I cried a little when I 1st saw the photo, ha ha! Readers – I don’t know why the pics are showing smaller than usual today but please be sure to click on them for larger, more beautiful, photos!! Also, click on the link-button down below to get one before they’re all gone!