BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES – Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

OK, Last night I was in sort of a “Batman: The Animated Series” mood & decided to create these 2 Wallpaper Backgrounds you can use to brighten your desktop, ha ha! The 1st one features some wonderful production art of THE PENGUIN. It’s from an original animation cel from the classic cartoon. The 2nd one is made from some original art that is owned by a friend ( The BATFAN ) who hired the artist Gary Shipman to make a portrait of Batgirl, Batman, & Robin. It’s done using a monochromatic color palette of all black, white, & grey…it’s pretty cool! I hope you enjoy these but if not remember we have hundreds more you can see by just visiting the Bat-Blog Archives ( located at the bottom left-side of this page, click on any “month” ).

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