This photo is of an extremely cool Batgirl Action Figure owned by a Bat-Blog Reader named Neville. In his e-mail he sort of explained that he just recently got it & it’s a favorite figure of his. Well, I gotta agree. It is pretty awesome! Now to clarify, this figure is made by DC Direct & it’s a character from the ELSEWORLD’S FINEST Graphic Novel by DC Comics. Now you might be saying to yourself that this doesn’t quite look like the Batgirl you know & love. OK, the thing with the “Elseworlds Series” is that they do a lot of “what if…” stories that don’t really exist in continuity with the regular line of comic books. For example with this story both Batman & Superman never existed. Well, Superman sort of did but died right after leaving Krypton & arriving in Earth. This story’s main focus is with this new set of Supergirl & Batgirl characters. To be honest I have not read this book yet so I can’t quite say if it’s any good or not. But I’m assuming it was pretty decent because they made a few action figures of it. Thanks to Neville for sending the cool pic, that’s really great!