BATMAN and ROBIN + The BAT-HOUND : Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

It’s Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday again! This time I’m posting a cool Batman-related Wallpaper that was designed by our good friend Sean Hartter. He created this background featuring Batman’s Best Friend, ACE – The Bat-Hound! I just got this as an e-mail tonight & was really surprised at the choice of this character. Plus, I thought that was extremely cool because it’s so “left-field” & “outta nowhere”. Thanks Sean, some more really awesome artwork, as usual! The 2nd Wallpaper is stolen from the Official DC Comics website & I thought I would post it because this brand-new Batman and Robin # 1 Comic Book comes out today. With artwork by Frank Quitely & written by Grant Morrison it promises to be pretty good. I know a lot of Bat-Fans are totally excited about it. So, be sure to hit your friendly neighborhood comic book shop today for this issue & later, let us know what YOU think about it.

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