Fede Alvarez Tapped to Direct ‘Dante’s Inferno’ Adaptation (Game, Not The Poem)


Dantes Inferno was one of the most brutal and visceral games in playable history. In the game, you play Dante, a man that travels thru Hell (nine rings of hell to be specific) to rescue his girlfriend Beatrice. Being Hell and all, you encounter sights beyond sights and horrors beyond horrors. The most of repugnant of which, may have been the embodiment of Lust. A 50 foot tall, naked, Gothic witch with legions of dead demon spider babies crawling out of her nipples poised to kill you (not to mention that every structure in that level was shaped like a dick or tit). If anything, the game made for a good recruiting tool for Christianity. Never was saving someone’s soul been so hardcore! If you thought the game was the ultimate detestation, wait till you see the movie!

Deadline reports Fede Alvarez, who gained a freight fame with his reboot of the Sam Raim’s The Evil Dead, is in talks to helm an adaptation based on the Electronic Arts game.

The rights to Dante’s Inferno were purchased by Universal back in 2008 before the game, but when released ( 2 years later) the reception or lack thereof, derailed adaptive plans. Why on earth would Sony now want to make a movie for geeks based on a videogame that had LOUSY sales? Well, as the ole’ adage goes… “Hollywood is out of ideas”.

Why not make a Dante’s Inferno film based on Dante’s Inferno, the poem? Epic Poetry not good enough for ya Hollywood?

Source: Deadline