Seriously Cool Steampunk Stormtrooper [Cosplay]


Well done steampunk costumes are always fun to look at, and Fashionably Geek reader Bryan has shared photos of his beautiful steampunk Stormtrooper costume with us. It was his first costume, and he finished it just in time for Dragon Con. The armor seems like it was challenging – he made it all himself from Worbla, craft foam, and leather. I love the gold details on the armor; I think it adds a Victorian feel to the ensemble.

Bryan was inspired by a 3D design by Albert Feliu of original steampunk Star Wars art by Bjorn Hurri. Seeing designs like this come to life is one of the reasons the internet is awesome.

See another image as well as the inspiration for the costume after the break.


steampunk trooper 3d art

steampunk trooper art

Thanks for the tip, Bryan! Send your cosplay pics to