Two Wonder Women Meet Up At Dragon Con [Cosplay]


Fashionably Geek reader Rose tipped us to her Amazon Wonder Woman cosplay (and the awesome Nubia Wonder Woman cosplayer she ran into) from Dragon Con and we loved it.

One of the things that makes this cosplay unique and interesting is just how much work went into it. Rose gave us the details in her email.

I’m a leather worker and made the breastplate, belt and skirt, all hand tooled and hand painted. A friend helped me sew the leather bodice.

Together we figured out how to turn a piece of industrial brass sheet metal into the crown, the eagle sword catcher on the chest, the belt buckle and the eagles on the shin guards.

We also learned how to use an electro-chemical process to etch the designs into the brass. We even looked up ancient greek lettering for the tail feathers.

We tried to create a set of armor that is functional. The breastplate has been hardened using heat and chemicals and will stop a blade. We stuck with all leather and brass for an authentic feel.

That’s a lot of work and dedication, Rose. Wonder Woman would be proud!

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