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14 Of Our Favorite Cosplays From Disney’s D23 Expo [Featured]

We spent a couple days in Anaheim over the weekend at Disney’s D23 Expo and saw more awesome cosplay than we expected. Check out 14 of our favorites after the break. Check out… Continue reading

Get Maximum Shin Safety With D20 Knee High Socks

It’s time to roll for anti-bruising powers for your legs! I’m not saying these D20 knee high socks will keep your shins safe and sound, but I’m not saying they won’t either. This… Continue reading

Chew Up The Sidewalk With These Shark Heels

The perfect shoes for tearing up the dance floor, or chewing it up as it were. These shark shoes are designed to look just like the toothy creatures, including a little suede tail… Continue reading

Picard Larps [T-Shirt]

You think LARPing is silly? Picard LARPs on the holodeck when he’s not busy being Captain of the USS Enterprise. Your argument is invalid. Product Page ($25 via shirtoid)

A Cityscape Of Pixels Captured In a Ring

This 100% Sterling silver ring has been designed to mimic a city skyline made from pixels. It’s got a matte finish with polished highlights and is coated in rhodium to protect the finish… Continue reading

Beautiful Hand-Painted Calvin and Hobbes Sneakers

No word on who made these or if they are for sale—but you might want to check Etsy for a talented artist painting shoes if you want something similar made. (via Imgur)