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Beautiful BOX ART for the 1967 Aurora Batman TV Batcycle Model Kit

I received a very excellent photo in my e-mail box this morning from our friend Ed ( Be sure to click on the picture up above for a larger, more detailed, photo ).… Continue reading

BATMAN ODYSSEY #4 Original Comic Book Art by Neal Adams & Scott Williams

Here are a few previews of the artwork you’ll see in BATMAN ODYSSEY #4. The pencils ( on the left side ) are done by none other than the Master himself, Neal Adams!… Continue reading

Shane’s BATMAN TATTOO Inspired by the Comic Book Art of Tony Daniel

Look at this amazing BATMAN TATTOO ART our friend Shane recently got inked on himself. It was done by Aja Ann ( Kitty Tatt ) from “Dig A Tattoo” in Dunedin, New Zealand… Continue reading

Cool BATMAN WALLPAPER By Graphic Artist Chris Franchi

Our friend Chris Franchi recently submitted this amazing artwork for a Bat-Blog Exclusive Wallpaper. This dark image of Gotham City’s #1 Hero is really great for a background. It combines both drawn artwork… Continue reading

Stephanie’s Kick-Ass JOKER AND BATMAN TATTOO ART Photo

Over at the Bat-Blog Facebook page we have a Friend named Stephanie who was kind enough to share this wonderful photo of her JOKER AND BATMAN Tattoo she has. The artwork is pretty… Continue reading


Awesome! Check it out, our good friend Ruben just got some cool bat-ink done. Yes, he got a HUGE Batman Tattoo on his upper arm. Thanks for sharing the photo Ruben, this tattoo… Continue reading