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Bat-Blog’s Birthday Wishes For April!!

This funny picture of a wacky Batman Birthday Cake goes out to all the readers who have a special day in the month of April…HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY!!

Batman GOTHAM CITY With Bat-Signal Birthday Cake

A Bat-Blog Fan named Jackie sent us this wonderful photo of a Batman Birthday Cake that her, her Husband and Mother created. Jackie’s Mom runs a small side-business where she makes birthday cakes… Continue reading

Chris’ JOKER BIRTHDAY CAKE – Party Time!

One of our Friends over at the BAT-BLOG Facebook Page recently shared this wonderful photo of a special ARKHAM ASYLUM JOKER Batman Birthday Cake he got for his recent 21st Birthday. His name… Continue reading


The BAT-BLOG has a Friend who lives in Mexico named Carlos. Check out this extremely cool Birthday Cake he recently had. It features the old logo design from “Batman: The Animated Series”, WOW!… Continue reading