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Relax Trooper, Mulitplayer were maps made first, then added into Reach Campaign

When the Power House map was announced at X10, Bungie let slip it was taken from the game, and in fact all the multiplayer maps were of that ilk. Cue the wrath of… Continue reading

Visor Mode. You Can Haz It.

Visor Mode. You Can Haz It. From the weekly update care of Bungie’s Urk. – Nope, it’s not a typo and we’re not talking ODST . Luke’s given us permission to lift the… Continue reading

More Reach Achievements on the Way

As Grunts R Us highlights – the Bungie Weekly update let slip that the amount of game points for Halo Reach is going to go up – presumably through some form of down… Continue reading

I still say where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Bungie’s had to put out a lot of fire’s lately and yesterdays’s MMO explosion has been put out by Urk in the Weekly Update:Tired of pretending that he’s not a -blam!-in’ rock star… Continue reading

Urk wants to take his pants off

New Alexandria by Issac Hannaford Bungie’s Urk has written a pretty heartfelt Bungie Weekly Update which shares some in house feelings about the Bungie / Halo / Destiny change over period. The takeways… Continue reading