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Russo Bros. Impress Audiences with New ‘Winter Soldier’ Fight Scene

The epic fight is one piece of making a proper super hero flick that cannot be ignored. If the hero isn’t going to take down the bad guy in a way that is… Continue reading

New Clip from Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ Short Shows Peggy in Action

A few lucky bastards (small ‘b’, not big ‘B’) got the chance to see the new Marvel Studios short film Agent Carter while at Comic Con this past weekend. For the rest of… Continue reading

Tucci Says: Hayley Atwell Will Cameo in ‘Winter Soldier’

So the fact that Captain America: The Winter Soldier takes place in the modern all but mitigates the possibility of any actors besides Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America) and Sebastian Stan (Bucky/Winter Soldier)… Continue reading