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J.H. Williams III Leaves ‘Batwoman’ After DC Refuses to Allow Marriage With Maggie Sawyer to Happen

Well this day is off to a good start, isn’t it? As I awoke and began cruising my Twitter feed this story from Bleeding Cool blazed across my screen: J.H. Willaims III and… Continue reading

And Now Justin Timberlake Wants To Play The Riddler

Well, this should go over well… Former boy bander and sexy back bringer Justin Timberlake has tossed his hat into the self-indulgent casting rumor ring. Yes, following in the footsteps of Mark Wahlberg… Continue reading

Bat-Rumors! Warner Bros. Considering a ‘Batman Beyond’ Feature Film?

Warner Bros. has a quest of generating as many Bat-bills as it possibly can, but with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy come and gone, what is the studio to do? There’s no doubt there… Continue reading

Does the Future of Batman and Justice League Hinge on ‘Man of Steel?’

In a word: probably. That’s the rumor du jour from Batman-On-Film,which suggests something that’s been assumed for a while, that if Man of Steel doesn’t create a non-Batman box office sensation then a… Continue reading

Ask the Bastards #6: Racist Wolverine, MST3K and The Futility of Superman Video Games

Welcome to another freaky edition of Ask the Bastards, the weekly feature where you the readers get to ask us, the writers of Nerd Bastards, what we think about everything in the world… Continue reading