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A female lead for Gears of War?

I spied an interesting article at OXM which discuss female video game characters by way of the Gears of War franchise – given the interview was with Gears’ art director Chris Perna, it… Continue reading

Sofia Hendrik cosplay from Gears of War Judgement

Just as Gears of War had Anya as a bit of sex interest for the lads, Gears of War: Judgement features Sofia Hendrik to keep the lads (and ladies) interested. The GOWJ game… Continue reading

GOWJ: Free-for-all Game Play Video

Some video of the Free-for-all game play action to be had in the forth coming Gears of War Judgement.

GOWJ has gone gold

Here’s the production team for GOWJ patting themselves on the back for gettin’ GOWJ out the door to the disk manufacturers… From the GOW Facebook page