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Is this Halo 4’s box cover art?

Is this Halo 4’s box cover art? It might just be if you think the peeps at Neogaf have got anything to do with it…. regardless the picture is some pretty cool halo… Continue reading

New leaked Halo 4 Images?

Italian Halo fan site Halolessons reckons they got their hands on some pictures from the secret, internal, invite only beta for Halo 4. This beta was secret that even Tom Morello hasn’t leaked… Continue reading

There might be a XBL Halo 4 demonstration?

The Little English Halo blog has spied that there might be a Halo 4 demonstration on the way…

Bungie never intended to make Halo 4?!

Those who were born under the proverbial rock and never crawled out from underneath will recall that Halo 3 ended with a cliff hanger where the Chief and Cortana where left floating in… Continue reading

The Official Forward Unto Dawn trailer released

The Official Forward Unto Dawn trailer – it’s more a teaser than anything….

Halo’s voice over actors dumped for Halo 4

Halo’s voice over actors dumped for Halo 4Believe it or not but people other than yourself care about Halo so much that when the game makers change something or do something they don’t… Continue reading

Do give our regards to the Master Chief

This Bungie Community Theatre performance where they reply to a gamer’s request for Bungie to fix a defective Halo 4 disk is pretty funny. Keen Halo fans will of course know Bungie did… Continue reading

Unused armor abilities found in Halo 4 code

Unused armor abilities found in Halo 4 code – check this video of a mod using the codes in action. Lord Zedd has discovered a couple of Armor Abilities that were not included… Continue reading

Tyrant’s video review of Halo 4

Tyrant has done a video review of Halo 4 – which I’m only really posting because of his awesome white suit…. A key point he makes: Return to Battle field sux.

Halo 4 campaign clip montage

Here’s a youtube video of all the Halo 4 campaign film clips that have been released over the last while. The planet Requiem sure looks like an interesting place!