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Halo Reach Campaign Screen Shots Leaked by Tom Morello

The Needler is going to be in Halo: Reach Halo Muliplayer Beta Campaign Screen Shots Leaked by Tom Morello Update: Turns out Mr Morello, just put his name on someone else’s pictures. I… Continue reading

Will Halo Reach have Natal?

Will Halo Reach have Natal?Bungie Studios Boss, Harold Ryan said that:“I absolutely think Reach could be enabled with it.” That’s not exactly a yes and not exactly a no is it? If Halo:… Continue reading

Meet Reach’s Noble Team Members

So who is this Noble Team? They are the Spartan soldiers who were introduced to the Halo Universe with the first official Halo Reach Trailer in mid December 2009.The Noble team were first… Continue reading

Oh, hello. I am a genius. Hehe.

Smile, Jazz Hands! Some quick links….with spoilers Someone got a demo of the Halo: Reach campaign – here’s a translated version of an article re Halo. Here’s a video with Bungie’s Marcus Lehto… Continue reading

Top Ten Things I don’t Want to See or Hear in Reach

To celebrate the 201st post on Halo Reach Game News, here’s what I don’t want to hear or see in Reach. Top Ten Things I don’t Want to See or Hear in Reach… Continue reading

Biggest Blockbuster Game of the Year ‘Halo: Reach’ Launches Sept. 14, 2010

Here’s the official press release from Microsoft about the launch date of Halo: Reach Biggest Blockbuster Game of the Year ‘Halo: Reach’ Launches Sept. 14, 2010 More than 2.7 million players make history… Continue reading

Forge World Vidoc Trailer Halo Reach

Forge World Vidoc Trailer Halo Reach

Buy the Reach Wireless Controller from Amazon

Let’s Buy It!Microsoft’s mouthpiece Major Nelson tweeted to remind everyone Amazon pre-order links for the Wireless Reach Controller and the Wireless Reach Headse . Both these items are out on August 17 just… Continue reading

Reach screen shots for wallpaper

Here’s some cool Reach screen shots – good for wallpaper Jorge is gonna be a fan favourite, I’m sure! Source

Halo Reach Soundtrack

As you would expect, given how hungry Halo fan’s are for Marty and Matt’s music, Halo Reach has it’s own sound track available for sale on Amazon . Amusingly Amazon’s product description says;… Continue reading