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Mark Hamill on Returning for ‘Star Wars’ Episode VII – “They’re Talking to Us”

With Star Wars Episode VII potentially two years away, and that’s a generous assumption at this point, the rumors have only begun when it comes to what the story will be. We’ve heard… Continue reading

Rumor Patrol: Is Disney Eying Hasbro for Next Acquisition?

Less than a week after the bombshell announcement of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, it seems that the House of Mouse is still in the mood to buy, and they may be shopping in… Continue reading

Star Wars: Fox Still Owns Rights To First Six Movies & Chewbacca and Jar Jar Speak About Disney’s Deal

Now that the announcement has been made, the paperwork signed, what is to come from the aftermath of the $4 Billion acquisition of the LucasFilm by Disney? The future is full of opportunities,… Continue reading