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The look of Reach beyond anything of Halo 3…

Once more into the echo chamber I jump…Edge has some comment from Bungie about the way they are using the Xbox 360’s actual hardware and the AI Reach will have.“The AI system is… Continue reading

Awesome Reach News !!

Lots of Reach Vidoes have hit the web: Joystiq IGN Game Trailers GiantBomb Witness the Birth of a Spartan Just 7 days to go until the launch of the Halo: Reach [PEGI 16]… Continue reading

There’s hawt chicks in Halo…

Today Halo Reach Game News brings you a wee article with Marcus Lehto. He like, ahhh made Halo all by himself. Kinda. Not really…. Q: You’ve got more women in the game. Was… Continue reading

What’s in Marcus Lehto’s Gut?

You might have heard of Marcus Lehto. He’s a big deal at Bungie and was one of the key drivers of their success in the Halo franchise. I once even wondered if he… Continue reading