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DLC for Mass Effect 2 called The Arrival?

So I thought The Arrival was a shitty aliens landing on earth movie starring Charlie Sheen but it turns out that it’s some apparent DLC content for Mass Effect 2. Actually, that sounds… Continue reading

The Arrival Has Begun

You may have have heard about how the new DLC for Mass Effect Two is called The Arrival via the leak on the Playstation. Well now it’s all but officially confirmed with the… Continue reading

Creating the Krogans for Mass Effect 3

Krogan Concept Art Check out this video of Mass Effect’s Matt Rhodes, the associate art director for ME3 , sharing his insights into the design that goes into making the Krogan or ‘wrinkle… Continue reading

Aria T’Loak Cosplay Mass Effect

Aria Cosplay Aria T’Loak is possibly the most beautiful blue character ever created. That’s right, Smurfette has been taken down a peg by Aria in the blue hotty stakes as major player on… Continue reading

Tell your friends we’re coming for them

Femshep has had a remodel (did you vote?) for ME3. Here’s what I think is the first ever Mass Effect trailer to feature the female version of Commander Sheppard. What do you think… Continue reading

Play ME3 on Facebook…. get an avatar code

Play ME3 on Facebook…. get an avatar code. Too late all codes gone. WTF. Stink. Ow. Oh well, the demonstration is out for xbox tm! (14th). This cities got big reapers I like… Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 Voice Commands Guide

You probably already know that Mass Effect 3 features voice commands when Kinect is used within the game. Here’s a sweet guide that will help you remember what to shout out when you’re… Continue reading

Bioware caves, ME3 will have an expanded ending.

Bioware has caved to the internet haters and wreakers and is going to change the ending of Mass Effect 3. Here’s the official word and here’s my views on the ending. To Mass… Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 News Wrap Up

No idea how this got here Mass Effect 3 News Wrap Up Big week or two recently for Mass Effect – it was released and then the proverbial hit the fan so there… Continue reading

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC formally announced

So I went to a place that had no internet for four days and came back to this encouraging press release from Bioware regarding the Mass Effect ending. As they promised, they’ve had… Continue reading