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Touhou Project: Remilia Scarlet

Owner and head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia is well known as the “Scarlet Devil” all throughout Gensokyo. She is the mistress of Izayoi Sakuya and Hong Meiling and the older sister… Continue reading

Touhou Project: Kirisame Marisa 02

Making her first appearance in the second game “Story of the Eastern Wonderland” as an enemy, Kirisame Marisa is a human magician who lives in a cluttered house in the Forest of Magic.… Continue reading

Touhou Project: Kazami Yuuka

Source: My Save Although very little is known about Kazami Yuuka at this point, Touhou Project has established that she is very powerful and dangerous despite being a peaceful-looking, flower-loving Youkai. In Lotus… Continue reading