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Half Face Plastic White Cat Designed Venetion Cosplay Mask

100 % Brand New & High Quality & Cheap Color: White Finish Plastic material with cat figure decoration Has white strap on back for easy wear Size: One Size Fits Most Teens Every… Continue reading

Rozen Maiden Träumend: Barasuishou and Kirakishou

The fake and the real Rozen Maiden… The girl with the siver hair and purple dress is Barasuishou, an apprentice’s attempt to surpass his Master’s work, namely the seventh Rozen Maiden, Kirakishou. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

WCS 2012 Day 1 – Nagoya Airport (part one)

Today was the first day of the 2012 World Cosplay Summit! After an early morning start, we were driven to Nagoya Chubu airport so that Lex and Laura could take part in a… Continue reading

WCS 2012 Day 1 – Lottery and Welcome Party (part 2)

After our adventure at Nagoya Airport, we went back to the hotel so that the representatives could change costumes for their second appointment – the Championship lottery draw! The lottery is a draw… Continue reading

WCS Day 5 & 6 – ‘Ichi Star’ and Osu Kanon

Another exciting day, as we headed off to TV Aichi’s studio so that Lex and Laura could appear on a live TV show! We met in the lobby at 11:30am, together with the… Continue reading

WCS Day 7 – Rehearsals and Alice Nine

Day 7 was rehearsal day! This was our first chance to check out Oasis 21, the venue where the representatives would be performing in the WCS Championship tomorrow. We made sure to get… Continue reading