‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gets Another Round Of Mythbusters

Yes, that is a cargobob attacking you with a porta potty. Grand Theft Auto V is a game with a lot of secrets. And most of those secrets, as this latest episode of… Continue reading

Is It Time To Buy An Xbox One? Here Are 5 Reasons You Should.

It would be quite the understatement to say Microsoft has turned some gamers off with the Xbox One. Between constantly harping on about the system’s TV features and trying to push always-online DRM… Continue reading

Exclusive Preview: ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ #11

Injustice: Gods Among Us has quietly become a lost Elseworlds story, digging into just what would happen if Superman really did lose it. And, along the way, it’s also become a great superhero… Continue reading

The First DLC For ‘Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies’ Looks Just A Wee Bit Silly

This will all make sense in context. Orrr maybe not. The Phoenix Wright games are usually pretty strange to begin with, but the first DLC for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies… Continue reading

‘Almost Human’ vs. ‘Continuum’: A Sci-Fi Series Showdown

Fantasy fans have had a field day in the past few years on television, with shows like “Once Upon a Time,” “Game of Thrones” and the new “Sleepy Hollow.” But with the end… Continue reading


DC Direct announced the other day a brand-new BATMAN BEYOND Deluxe Collector Figure ( 1:6 Scale ). The retail price will be $99.99, ouch! But this doll actually looks pretty cool! Terry McGinnis… Continue reading

BATMAN and ROBIN + The BAT-HOUND : Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

It’s Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday again! This time I’m posting a cool Batman-related Wallpaper that was designed by our good friend Sean Hartter. He created this background featuring Batman’s Best Friend, ACE – The… Continue reading

Remember: MEGO MEET 2009 This Weekend!

OK, This is just friendly reminder that MEGO MEET 2009 is this weekend, June 5th & 6th at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling, West Virginia. MegoMeet is a chance… Continue reading

Announcement: ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER Autographed Photo Bat-Blog Contest Winner!

Announcement: Last night, at a little after midnight, I picked the lucky winner out of the hat for the current Bat-Blog Contest. Of course I’m talking about where we are giving away an… Continue reading