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The Very VERY FIRST BATMAN Video Game!

This video trailer shows a little bit of game play inside the very 1st Batman Video Game made by Ocean Games 1986 for the Amstrad CPC System. It’s completely crazy that kids used… Continue reading

Kenner ROBIN SUPER POWERS Action Figure Comic Book

Back in 1985 a toy company called Kenner made a line of DC Comics action figures called SUPER POWERS. When you bought a figure you also got a free mini-comic book included in… Continue reading

BATMAN BATMOBILE PARODY – 80’s Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card

OK, if you’re a Batman Fan then you’re gotta totally love this hilarious graphic, even if you hate Garbage Pail Kids, ha ha! This non-sport trading card was part of a series put… Continue reading

BATMAN AND JOKER 1989 Movie Collectibles

One of my many favorite areas of BATMAN TOY Collecting is all the crazy merchandise made during the 1989 Tim Burton Movie. This film was a HUGE blockbuster & they made a ton… Continue reading

BATMAN AND ROBIN – Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

HEY KIDS! It’s time once again when we present a few BATMAN WALLPAPERS to brighten your desktop. So, here we go! For the 1st one I used some artwork I found online. It’s… Continue reading