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ADAM WEST: Family Guy + 1966 Batman = WIN!

Adam West revamped his website & there’s even a few brand-new autographed photos you can buy. One that I thought was pretty cool is this image of him as Mayor West dressed like… Continue reading

Bat-Fan Tribute Video: George Barris’ 1966 TV Batmobile Car!

Here’s a pretty cool Tribute Video from a 60’s Batman TV Show Fan. It’s main focus is on footage of one of the very best Batmobile cars out there, the one designed by… Continue reading

BATMAN TATTOO “Some Days You Just Can’t Get Rid of a Bomb!” ADAM WEST Movie

OK, this Batman Tattoo has the word “WIN” written all over it! Even if you’re not a fan of the art form you gotta give props to how cool this is! A friend… Continue reading

CULVER CITY WALL MURAL: Homage To 1966 Batman TV Series

A Good Citizen named Perry sent this wonderful photo with some very interesting information. The TRADER JOE’S store in Culver City, California, had a mural on its wall that pays homage to the… Continue reading


OK, You gotta admit that this new BATMAN TATTOO that our friend Alex recently got is pretty cool! It’s an Homage to the 1966 TV Series & features Adam West as the Caped… Continue reading

NEW CD – 1960’s BATMAN THE MOVIE Original Motion Picture Score Soundtrack

Fans of the 1966 BATMAN TV Show are gonna totally love this! LA LA Records has recently come out with the original “BATMAN THE MOVIE” motion picture soundtrack on CD! Holy Re-mastered Re-issue!… Continue reading

New Motor Trend Magazine Does 1966 Batmobile Story & Adam West Interview!

Here are a few images from the summer edition of MOTOR TREND CLASSIC magazine where they do an article on the 1966 BATMAN TV Show BATMOBILE George Barris Custom Car & then an… Continue reading

Adam West Comes Out of His Cocoon

This picture CRACKS ME UP! Here’s a very recent personal photo from Adam West ( Batman 1966 ) as a beautiful butterfly. He’s so pretty, ha ha!

Funny ADAM WEST BATMAN Humor Pictures, Ha Ha!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, whew! Alright, I’m OK. Please be sure to check out these hilarious “Adam West Batman” photos sent in by Bat-Blog Readers & a few… Continue reading

BATMAN TATTOO ART – Amazing Tribute To 1966 Batman TV Show

Wow! Check out this amazing “1966 Batman TV Show Tribute” Tattoo!! This was submitted by our friend Sarah who lives in Austria. This tattoo took over a year to create with 8 different… Continue reading