Seriously Cool Steampunk Stormtrooper [Cosplay]

Well done steampunk costumes are always fun to look at, and Fashionably Geek reader Bryan has shared photos of his beautiful steampunk Stormtrooper costume with us. It was his first costume, and he… Continue reading

A Lovely Deathly Hallows Tattoo

Send your nerdy tattoo pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com. (via Pinterest)

8 Long Haired Men With Fancy Female Hairdos

I’ve always had a thing for men with long hair. Of course, I do have some rules. If you’re going to have long hair, male or female, then keep it clean, neat, and… Continue reading

Zoey’s Last Stand “Left 4 Dead” [Cosplay]

This fantastic Left 4 Dead cosplay is titled “Zoey’s Last Stand” and features some incredible make-up effects courtesy of Renee Marie of Mirror Makeup Artistry. The shoot was done by John Nettles Jr.… Continue reading

This Gargoyles Demona & Goliath Cosplay Will Take You Back

If you remember the ’90s animated show Gargoyles, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this Demona & Goliath cosplay by Ryan Green and Kayla IVY Smith. If you are unfamiliar with the show, get… Continue reading

This Boba Fett Costume Is Amazing

We may have just spotted the best Boba Fett costume since Boba Fett’s costume for The Empire Strikes Back was created. Seriously, the only thing Wes7 needs is a green screen of the… Continue reading

Doctor Who Red Dalek Tank Top [T-Shirts]

This red Dalek tank top will surely save you from being exterminated when the Dalek armada arrives. This 100% polyester shirt features a sublimation print of a red Dalek and is just the… Continue reading

The Batman Engagement Ring

This beautiful Batman engagement ring was made by Ari who has combined his love of superheroes with his talent for jewelry design. He’s been working in the jewelry business his whole life and… Continue reading

Boba Fett Backpack Turns You Into a Mandalorian

This Boba Fett backpack is what all the Mandalorians are using these days. It measures 19 x 16 and has two large pockets. There is also a sleeve on one side and a… Continue reading

Crazy Good BioShock 2 Little Sister And Big Sister Cosplay

Here we have a Little Sister and Big Sister from the game BioShock 2 done by cosplayer Angela Bermudez. Her costume is the more intricate of the two with all the buckles and… Continue reading