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CUSTOM ART SCULPTURE – Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble as Batman & Robin!

Check out this ultra cool custom sculpture! Here is Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble as Batman & Robin in a Diorama that was on display at the Hanna-Barbera Studios! This was a recent… Continue reading

Brand-New BATMAN Invisible Ink Books with Stickers

Here’s a fun Batman item to keep an eye out for! Shown here are two brand-new BATMAN Activity Books made by Lee Publications for 2012. The idea is to use your Magic Invisible… Continue reading

YVONNE CRAIG BATGIRL PIN-UP Wallpaper by Christopher Franchi ( 1966 BATMAN TV Show )

Check out this totally amazing piece of art created by our Friend and Graphic Designer, Christopher Franchi. This is a recent portrait he did of Yvonne Craig as BATGIRL from the 1960’s BATMAN… Continue reading

This Art Proves Gina Torres Would Be a Perfect Wonder Woman

One day our patience will be rewarded, and we’ll get a fantastic Wonder Woman movie. It may not happen soon, but I believe it’s on the horizon. My hope is that an actress… Continue reading

Nikki’s CATWOMAN JULIE NEWMAR Batman Tattoo Art Photo!

Purrrfect! Check out this incredible piece of Tattoo Art featuring the Feline of Crime, Catwoman! Of course this is not the modern day Anne Hathaway version but the original, the one and only,… Continue reading

Stephanie’s Kick-Ass JOKER AND BATMAN TATTOO ART Photo

Over at the Bat-Blog Facebook page we have a Friend named Stephanie who was kind enough to share this wonderful photo of her JOKER AND BATMAN Tattoo she has. The artwork is pretty… Continue reading

BATGIRL Does The Batusi!

Just a quick post to share this amazing piece of original comic book art done by Cliff Chiang! This was a recent 2012 SDCC San Diego Comic Con Sketch, “Batgirl Does The Batusi!!”


Awesome! Check it out, our good friend Ruben just got some cool bat-ink done. Yes, he got a HUGE Batman Tattoo on his upper arm. Thanks for sharing the photo Ruben, this tattoo… Continue reading

Incredible BATMAN, JOKER, and CATWOMAN Tattoo Art Photos

Presented here, for your viewing pleasure, are 2 amazing sets of Batman Tattoos. The 1st one is from our Friend Ryan who got inspired by both “The Animated Series” and some of the… Continue reading