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The BAT-FAMILY Batman Photo!!

Just a quick post to show off this super-awesome photo of our friend Tony! He’s shown here dressed up like Batman, with his lovely Wife as Batgirl ( Or is it BatWOMAN? ),… Continue reading


This photo is of an extremely cool Batgirl Action Figure owned by a Bat-Blog Reader named Neville. In his e-mail he sort of explained that he just recently got it & it’s a… Continue reading

BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES – Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

OK, Last night I was in sort of a “Batman: The Animated Series” mood & decided to create these 2 Wallpaper Backgrounds you can use to brighten your desktop, ha ha! The 1st… Continue reading

The New BATGIRL Comic Book Cover Has a Secret!

While looking at a current issue of the new DC Comics BATGIRL #4 Comic Book I noticed a phrase in a word bubble spoken by a bad guy that sort of haunted me.… Continue reading

BATMAN, BATGIRL, & THE JOKER Spotted in Los Angeles!

This photo is pretty funny! It was sent in by our Good Friend Guenter who lives in Germany. The photo is of his lovely Daughter who recently visited California. While there she ran… Continue reading

BATMAN COSPLAY & VINTAGE 80’s TOYS – Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

This week’s “Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday” is made-up of some Batman Backgrounds sent in by two very cool Bat-Blog Fans! The 1st one features a group of Batman Cos-Players in New Jersey known as… Continue reading

PHOTO – Sexy Vintage 60’s Pin-Up of Yvonne Craig

Here’s a vintage 1960’s pin-up photo I found showing a very cute Yvonne Craig at the pool in a bikini swimsuit, hubba hubba! Oh yeah, for the 3 or 4 Bat-Blog Readers who… Continue reading

Vintage 1970’s BATMAN Toys and Merchandise – ZOWIE!

The main focus of the Bat-Blog is to share the joy of collecting Batman Toys and Bat-Products, both old & new. OK, I know we also cover the TV Shows, Cartoons, Movies, Video… Continue reading


The Bat-Blog is pretty famous for celebrating creativity, in any form, but this photo is just totally amazing! I actually love old quilts as an American art form. But this modern-day one is… Continue reading

Sneak Peek – Mattel’s New BATMAN LEGACY Series 2 Action Figures

Check out these extremely cool characters in the Second Wave of 6″ BATMAN LEGACY Action Figures by Mattel. We got: Golden Age Batman, Batgirl ( Love the black & yellow costume ), Catman,… Continue reading