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Will Halo Reach have Natal?

Will Halo Reach have Natal?Bungie Studios Boss, Harold Ryan said that:“I absolutely think Reach could be enabled with it.” That’s not exactly a yes and not exactly a no is it? If Halo:… Continue reading

The look of Reach beyond anything of Halo 3…

Once more into the echo chamber I jump…Edge has some comment from Bungie about the way they are using the Xbox 360’s actual hardware and the AI Reach will have.“The AI system is… Continue reading

The last update….

In the last Bungie Weekly Update before the release of Halo: Reach, Bungie had this to say: “Dearest Fans – After years of waiting, Reach is finally nearly upon us. Some of you… Continue reading

How to copy Reach to the Xbox Hard Drive

What a Load! We’ve noticed that plenty of players with hard drives are opting not to install their copies of Halo: Reach. That’s like licking the chocolate coating off a Reese’s Peanut Butter… Continue reading

Sign Up to the Carnage Report

Sick of Reading Halo Reach Game News? Want to get the stories straight from the Pale Horse’s mouth?Then sign up to Bungie’s new newsletter, The Carnage Report:In it, we’ll summarize recent Bungie events,… Continue reading

Marathon Infinity source code to be made free by Bungie

Bungie are soooo bad ass now they are back to being an independent game developer – which works for us as they’ve announced today that Marathon Infinity is a) probably be going to… Continue reading

Bungie says no to SOPA legislation

A year or two back the movie industry tried to take over the internet in NZ and there was a huge stink. Now it sounds like the US legislators have taken a few… Continue reading

So when should the big guy sue the little guy?

Copyright Bethseda The recent example of how Bethseda sicked the laywers on to the Fallout Poster fan site made me think of what a tricky line it is for video game producers and… Continue reading

Bungie never intended to make Halo 4?!

Those who were born under the proverbial rock and never crawled out from underneath will recall that Halo 3 ended with a cliff hanger where the Chief and Cortana where left floating in… Continue reading

What’s in Marcus Lehto’s Gut?

You might have heard of Marcus Lehto. He’s a big deal at Bungie and was one of the key drivers of their success in the Halo franchise. I once even wondered if he… Continue reading