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Strange, but Cool, Batman Memorabilia Spotted in Romania!!

I have a friend on MySpace named Gary & one of the neat things about him is that he lives in Romania. I mean, come on! How cool is that?! He is also… Continue reading

VIDEO: How To Make a Catwoman Costume for Halloween

MEOW! Here’s a neat tutorial-video on “How To Make a Catwoman Costume for Halloween”. It’s worth watching because at the end of the video the cute girl wears the costume she just made…and… Continue reading

Ted Naifeh’s BATMAN BOOK Conceptual Design Art

Shown up above are a few panels of Batman-related artwork created by a very talented Graphic Artist named Ted Naifeh. Ted’s plan is to pitch a new Batman Book idea to DC Comics.… Continue reading

9 Old School BATMAN Vehicles That Rocked!!

Over at the BREAKDOWN COVER website they created a really neat list ( with photos ) of the Top 9 Coolest Classic Vehicles that were used on the 1966 BATMAN TV Show. Like… Continue reading

BATMAN COSPLAY & VINTAGE 80’s TOYS – Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

This week’s “Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday” is made-up of some Batman Backgrounds sent in by two very cool Bat-Blog Fans! The 1st one features a group of Batman Cos-Players in New Jersey known as… Continue reading

Video – 2012 BATMAN DEATH WISH Fan Film – Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Robin, Poison Ivy

Here’s a video a Friend sent us on Facebook that I knew I had to share! ( Thanks Jeff ) It’s a very well-made fan-film titled BATMAN: DEATH WISH. The Sets, Costume Design,… Continue reading

Photo: BATMAN and CATWOMAN TATTOO Jim Lee Comic Book Art

Every now & then, here at the Bat-Blog, we post photos of Batman-related Tattoo Art. It’s sort of a gimmick that this website has become famous for. So, how did it take off?… Continue reading

Catwoman Gets Plastic Surgery

OK, I wanted the title to this post to be sort of like something you would read in the tabloids, ha ha! Here’s the deal. You might remember awhile back we did a… Continue reading


OH YEAH! Awhile back, here at the Bat-Blog, we reported about a few brand-new pieces of Batman merchandise coming out from FUNKO. This toy company makes extremely excellent products so we were pretty… Continue reading


Here is a nice set of pictures sent in by Jim, a major Batman Fan. It’s a Fine Art Print he received as a gift from a friend. It’s a pencil drawing of… Continue reading