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DC Direct announced the other day a brand-new BATMAN BEYOND Deluxe Collector Figure ( 1:6 Scale ). The retail price will be $99.99, ouch! But this doll actually looks pretty cool! Terry McGinnis… Continue reading

The BAT-BLOG Batman Fan Site Is Three Years Old Today!!

I couldn’t sleep tonight & at about 2:30am I suddenly realized, “Oh Man, Today is the 3rd Anniversary of The Bat-Blog!! So, to commemorate this fact I thought I would post this wacky-fun… Continue reading

Steve’s Amazing BATMOBILE CAR COLLECTION ( Corgi & Hot Wheels )

I recently got an e-mail from a Bat-Blog Reader named Steve who wanted to share photos of his Batman Corgi Car & Mattel Hot Wheels Batmobile Collection. Oh man, now this special group… Continue reading

BATMAN AND JOKER 1989 Movie Collectibles

One of my many favorite areas of BATMAN TOY Collecting is all the crazy merchandise made during the 1989 Tim Burton Movie. This film was a HUGE blockbuster & they made a ton… Continue reading

Vintage 1970’s BATMAN Toys and Merchandise – ZOWIE!

The main focus of the Bat-Blog is to share the joy of collecting Batman Toys and Bat-Products, both old & new. OK, I know we also cover the TV Shows, Cartoons, Movies, Video… Continue reading

Randy’s Awesome BATMAN TOY COLLECTION Photos!

The Bat-Blog is mostly ALL ABOUT the joys of collecting Batman. We’re talking about old vintage toys and brand-new merchandise. So, when we got these “Batman Toy Collection” photos in our email the… Continue reading


Check out these wonderful “Batman Toy Collector” photos sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Joel. There is some extremely cool stuff here! Like, he has almost all the special Batman Converse Sneakers… Continue reading

Vintage BATMAN Japanese Tin Toy Robots and Batmobile Cars

OK, This photo is just complete torture for me but it’s still great to see some amazing Vintage 1960’s Japanese Batman Toys!! The Guy on the right is our Good Friend Yuji who,… Continue reading

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – Batman Toys and Movie Merchandise From BRAZIL!!

OK, Anyone who has been following the BAT-BLOG.COM for the last few years ( or days ) knows that I am totally crazy for “Foreign Batman” Products and Toys, ha! As a Serious… Continue reading

Alexander’s BATMAN TOY and MEMORABILIA Collection

Just a quick post to share this fun photo sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Alexander. Here is a photo of his office cubicle. ( Please click on it for a larger… Continue reading