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Fantastic “Attack on Titan” Cosplay

Here’s some incredible “Attack on Titan” cosplay featuring a pair of cosplayers working together. Luvnatsu and GQBravo look their parts perfectly from the hair and makeup to the weapons to those gorgeous jackets!… Continue reading

Seriously Cool Steampunk Stormtrooper [Cosplay]

Well done steampunk costumes are always fun to look at, and Fashionably Geek reader Bryan has shared photos of his beautiful steampunk Stormtrooper costume with us. It was his first costume, and he… Continue reading

JEFF is ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER! Vintage Family Photos

The other day I posted a photo of myself ( maybe age 4 or 5? ) wearing a Vintage Batman & Robin T-Shirt. So, sort of in response to that, a Bat-Blog Reader… Continue reading

Archer’s Amber Nash Is Having a Fabulous Pam Poovey Cosplay Contest

Would you like to win a Comic-Con Archer exclusive? If so and if you happen to bear any kind of likeness to Pam Poovey, you’re in luck! The voice behind the character, Amber… Continue reading

High School Students Create Some Amazing Batman-Themed Costumes!

Our friend Lauren sent us a new photo showing some of her friends from High School who all got together & dressed-up as Batman characters. But I don’t think it was anything for… Continue reading

VIDEO: How To Make a Catwoman Costume for Halloween

MEOW! Here’s a neat tutorial-video on “How To Make a Catwoman Costume for Halloween”. It’s worth watching because at the end of the video the cute girl wears the costume she just made…and… Continue reading

Profiles In History BATMAN MOVIE PROP & MEMORABILIA – Auction Starts Tonight!

Tonight, in California & online too, the famous Auction Group PROFILES IN HISTORY will be auctioning off a few very desired pieces of Bat-History! The sale includes an original Michael Keaton Batman Full-Costume… Continue reading

BATMAN AND ROBIN Hit The Mall In Search of Halloween Treats!

POW!! Here is another really great Halloween Costume photo sent in by a Bat-Blog Reader! It shows a Father & Son, at the mall, enjoying Halloween. I like that the kid got to… Continue reading


Most Bat-Blog Readers are very creative, intelligent, artistic people & some others are complete idiots, ha ha! But this post is about one of the creative ones! Here’s some pics sent in by… Continue reading

Fans Go Bat-Crazy Over Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman Movie!

Ya’ know, a lot of younger Batman Fans today totally forget ( or don’t even know about ) how people back in 1989 went totally bat-crazy over Tim Burton’s 1st Batman movie! I… Continue reading