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You Could Own One Of These Designer Disney Princess Gowns

These beautiful Disney princess gowns were part of Harrod’s Christmas window displays last year and now they’re being auctioned by Christie’s to raise money for charity. They were designed by the likes of… Continue reading

Gatachaman’s $40,000 Superhero G-Suits Look Fantastic Close-Up

The suits from the upcoming live-action Gatchaman look amazing, and they should when you consider that they cost $40,000 each. The suits were all on display outside the 109 Men’s department store in… Continue reading

Cosmetic Surgery Guarantees The Perfect Palm Reading

Most people look at palm reading as something that’s just for fun, but there are those who take it seriously. People in Japan certainly do, to the point they are now shelling out… Continue reading

We Want This Pacific Rim Hockey Jersey Design

Dave of Geeky Jerseys has managed to nail an awesome design yet again. Back in February, he styled a kick-ass hockey jersey design for Pacific Rim. Now that the movie has hit theaters… Continue reading

This Art Proves Gina Torres Would Be a Perfect Wonder Woman

One day our patience will be rewarded, and we’ll get a fantastic Wonder Woman movie. It may not happen soon, but I believe it’s on the horizon. My hope is that an actress… Continue reading

Iron Bounty Hunter Is An Amazing Boba Fett/Iron Man Mash-Up

This Boba Fett/Iron Man mash-up comes from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Students at the school learn all about character design and special effects, and as you can see by this… Continue reading

Incredible Hockey Jerseys Made Just For Geeks

Unlike chocolate and peanut butter, sports and nerds aren’t generally two things that go together. Or are they? The line of hockey jerseys put out by Geek Jerseys combines the two perfectly and… Continue reading

This Dress Is a Map of Middle Earth

This dress is a spectacular tribute to The Lord of the Rings. The picture was snapped at Dragon*Con by Matt and Kristy and it’s so subtle that, at first glance, you might not… Continue reading

A Prosthetic Design That’s More Like a Tentacle Than An Arm

Just like every other piece of medical technology, prosthetic limbs are constantly being examined for improvements. Industrial designer Kaylene Kau came up with a new approach to the design for arms and though… Continue reading

No Need For Contacts With These Gorgeous Star Wars Eyeglasses

We’ve seen Star Wars eyeglasses before, but these are a bit more subtle. You can choose from Darth Vader, Boba Fett, R2-D2, Luke Skywalker or a Stormtrooper design—each with a matching glass case.… Continue reading