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Music Video: The Ballad of Batman

Taking a look at the Dark Knight’s love life, “The Ballad of Batman” is the second funny humor video release from apartment204.com. As Batman would say, “I’m Batman, I can handle danger, but… Continue reading

Vintage BATMAN AND ROBIN Parody Advertisement

Here at the Bat-Blog we have a friend named Ed who is totally into Model Trains. Recently, while looking through some old “Train Collector” Magazines, he came across this advertisement for the Lloyd… Continue reading

The New BATGIRL Comic Book Cover Has a Secret!

While looking at a current issue of the new DC Comics BATGIRL #4 Comic Book I noticed a phrase in a word bubble spoken by a bad guy that sort of haunted me.… Continue reading

BATMAN HUMOR – B.C. Newspaper Comic Strip

A friend over at Facebook sent me this funny B.C comic strip that appeared in newspaper recently & I knew I had to share it, it’s pretty funny! ( Thanks Christopher )

BATMAN IIX – Vintage Movie Poster Parody!

Shown here is a beautiful graphic created by our good friend Sean Hartter. It’s a fake Vintage Movie Poster / Lobby Card featuring Donald Pleasence as Mr. Freeze! Oh man, he would have… Continue reading

Bruce Wayne ( Batman ) Makes “The Fictional 15” List in Forbes Magazine

Just in case you’ve been worried about how much money Batman ( Bruce Wayne ) has, then worry no more. He made the “Fictional 15 List” at Forbes this year, whew! Forbes Magazine… Continue reading

BATMAN BATMOBILE PARODY – 80’s Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card

OK, if you’re a Batman Fan then you’re gotta totally love this hilarious graphic, even if you hate Garbage Pail Kids, ha ha! This non-sport trading card was part of a series put… Continue reading

Fred Hembeck’s DAREDEVIL-BATMAN-AQUAMAN Mash-Up Parody Comic Book Cover Art

OK, if you’re a Hembeck Fan ( and who isn’t? ) then you’re gonna totally love this comic book cover parody artwork! Fred Hembeck, famous cartoonist & artist, has been making fun of… Continue reading

Funny BATMAN HUMOR Photos and Comic Strips

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, whew! OK, we all need a good laugh every now & then so here’s a nice sample of Batman Humor to enjoy. The 1st pic is… Continue reading