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Levi Hoffmeier’s Halo Concept Art

I was running round the internet minding my own business when I found this Halo concept art by Levi Hoffmeier. Enjoy with my compliments. When you’re done check out more Halo pictures by… Continue reading

Movies and Media that make references to the Halo Universe

The original Halo is famous for being inspired in part by the Aliens series of films. It’s no secret that some things were borrowed straight out of the movies. Quotes, characters, in jokes… Continue reading

Nerdy Bits: Fabulous Batman Heels, Weaponized Robot Dogs, Minion Cupcakes, and MOAR!

Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try… Continue reading

Hunter Birthday Bash

Found on HBO, these Hunter sculptures made someone a very happy birthday girl. Hunters created by Antithesis. This post is instead of the awesome one I wrote on the Halo 4 Terminals which… Continue reading

Steve Downes – the voice of Master Chief

Wake me when you need me Steve Downes – the voice of Master Chief After I wrote about the stir in Japan about the voice actors of Cortana and the Masterchief being changed… Continue reading

Genmills’ Sweet Halo Theme Video

This is a pretty amazing cover of the Halo 3 themesong by Genmills . He’s redone done the orchestral arrangements and plays Steve Vai like guitar over the top of it. It works… Continue reading

Is the Promethean Knight’s design based on Megatron?

Is the Promethean Knight’s design based on Megatron?I couldn’t help but wonder if Halo’s Promethean Knights are some kind of distant cousin to the fearsome Decepticon leader, Megatron. They seem to share some… Continue reading